Here's the blog I teased y'all about last week.

I'm often (have once been) asked about the place of wine in mixed drinks. I, for one, am all for using wine in cocktails! Anything that gives someone the chance to enjoy a wine who may not regularly do so is a plus in my book. That said, there's one application of wine in a cocktail that I feel stands above all others — The New York Sour. What is this magic of which I speak? Keep reading.

Imagine the best whiskey sour you've ever had. Never had one that you've liked? Come over for dinner one day and I'll make it happen. Then, and this is the key, float a layer of red wine over the top. This recipe from epicurious is the closest to the one I make. The recipe calls for serving in a rocks glass, but I think we can do better. Instead, we'll shake and strain the whiskey sour base into a chilled martini glass and then layer on the red wine. This step is a bit intimidating at first, but shouldn't take long to pick up. Take a spoon - bar spoon if you've got one, teaspoon if not - turn it upside down and place the very tip of it on the top of the base. Then, slowly pour your red wine of choice over the back of the spoon until you can't see the top of the base from above. Like this (see video below). Serve to your impressed guests. Because let's face it, folks are impressed by layered drinks.